Chris Katoll

Anđela Blazevič

SELF discovery Experte | traumasensible Mentorin und Coach

My approach is a trauma-informed synthesis of modern embodiment, healing and therapeutic modalities and multiple wisdom traditions.

I specialize in a process of self-discovery for SELF discovery.

This entails getting to know different parts of you (especially the parts you wish disappeared!) and their roles and repair those inner relationships so that they can relax and with full confidence allow you to embody and act from your innermost self.

I approach each challenge a client brings into sessions not through pushing to overcome but through presencing and honoring different aspects of yourself, which can then soften and allow clear access to your inner knowing.

Restorative, calming and supportive somatic practices are woven into the process, so that each part of you is supported as it finds its way into its new place.

​In my work I put the emphasis on individual attention and support, that’s why you will find private sessions an indispensable part of the courses I offer. Inner journey can feel lonely and tends to challenge us in ways that require an outer support – so that we can be made aware of our blindspots and not hindered by them.

​Equally important, I emphasize the need for self-responsibility and dedication in my courses. That is so that you can come out empowered and with a direct experience of a deep self-care, knowing that you have the ability to hold yourself through anything.

Each of my courses is suitable both for people who are new to inner work and those with extensive experience in it. A direct testament to that are the numerous women who have repeated the journey through SensualSelf Program. Some of them I’ve known for years and I have directly witnessed the immense depth and emotional intelligence they have developed in that time. And yet, they choose to repeat the journey – to uncover the next level of integration and clarity.​

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